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Prostate Massage


Proper technique is essential to ensure comfort and arousal. It can be performed externally or internally and both require proper preparation to achieve the best results and to ensure a pleasurable experience.

External Massage- Is accomplished by massaging the perineum. The area is well lubricated with warm oil and massaged in a circular motion with gentle pressure. It includes gentle rubbing and teasing with the finger tips. This technique is performed throughout your massage for maximum effect and pleasure.


Internal Massage- Is accomplished by performing an external massage first and once properly relaxed and stimulated, a finger is gently inserted into the anus to gently rub and stroke the prostate. This is accomplished gradually and slowly by gently inserting the tip of the finger several times in a teasing manner to relax and grow accustomed to the feeling. Once relaxed and aroused, a deeper probing can take place until the prostate is reached and can be gently massaged. This technique is performed until stress release is achieved. For those who wish to experience a more intense feeling, sexual aids are also available.

*Prostate treatment can be added to any massage, please indicate which treatment is desired at the beginning of your session.


** This massage can be performed lingerie or nude.

*** Cleanliness is essential, please shower before arrival, hot towel wipe down is available before commencement upon request.


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